Archive | September 2, 2011

The 68th day – Jesus wept.

Jesus wept. — John 11:35

This is the shortest verse in the bible. It appeared in the miracle of ‘Lazarus raised from the death.’

Jesus has a close friend called Lazarus in Bethany who is gravely ill. Jesus is a great distance away, by the time he arrives, Lazarus has been dead four days. Lazarus has two sisters, Martha and Mary. When they know that Jesus has come, they express their deep sorrow over their brother’s death in front of Jesus. Then it is recorded that ‘Jesus wept’ for the reason that “he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled” (John11:33) and “He loved him” (John 11:36) Please watch the video below for a full picture:

Here, ‘wept’ in original Greek verb is dakruo actually means “sobbed”, which is a stronger emotion. The words “Jesus Sobbed” means a great deal, doesn’t it? It says that Jesus knows how we feel, and, He feels what we feel. He is a friend who we can relate to, a shepherd who really cares for his sheep and he reveals the heavenly father to us: God is a god of compassion and grace, slow in anger and rich in Love.

God Loves you!