The 62nd day – Give to God what is God’s

“Then Jesus said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” — Mark 12:17

In this episode, Jesus is being challenged by some of his opponents who are trying to catch him out. However, Jesus has given a brilliant answer, please watch the video below to find out what have happened.

When Jesus’s opponents asked him this question, “Tell us, is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?'”, they were actually setting a trap for Jesus. Because if Jesus answered Yes, they would argue that Jesus supports the hated occupiers. On the other hand, if he said No, then he would be seen to be committing treason. I have to admit this is a clever trap.

This is not the only occasion that Jesus faced this kind of trap question. But by the wisdom of God, Jesus is able to surpass all the human understanding and make the most clever human fool. He gave a brilliant answer that even amazed his opponents.

What’s the image on the sliver coin? The coin was made in the image of Caesar therefore it belongs to Caesar. God doesn’t care about the things that belongs to Caesar, so just give it back to Caesar. What Jesus didn’t say but was implying is that “What’s the image of human beings?” The Jewish leaders had to say human were made out of the image of God because it is written in their laws. So what belongs to God is actually humans. The money Caesar asks for is therefore nothing compared to what God asks for. God asks for everything from us because we are made in his image.

Similarly, what’s the image on our pound coin? It is image of the Queen. Jesus seems to be saying that it is right to pay taxes to the government of the day and it is also right to give to God. However, there is more to this. The coin have been made  “in the image of the Queen”. Are we not made ”in the image of God”, who is greater than any rulers in this world. God is asking us to give ourselves, just the way we are.

God Loves you!

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2 responses to “The 62nd day – Give to God what is God’s”

  1. James Main says :

    Thanks for today’s word Rebecca. I have read that verse so many times but NEVER asked the question ‘what is the image on me?’. Amazing – I’m going to carry that one with me.

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