19th Day – The Lord is with you

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, ‘The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.’     — Judges 6:12 (NIV)

There is a period of time called the “Judges” in the history of Israel. It starts after the death of Joshua, ends when the first king of Israel (King Saul) was anointed. After they entered the Promised Land, the people of Israel began to disobey God’s commands and laws. As a result, they could no longer receive the blessing and protection God has given them so that they were frequently attacked by the foreign nations among them during that period of time. Every time they were conquered by their enemies, the Israel would cry out for the Lord for salvation. God is mercyful to his children. His response of their crying was to raised some spiritual empowered leaders among them known as the “Judges” to deliver them out of their enemies. Gideon was one of the Judges.

None of the Judges were chosen by human, but by God. When God looks at people, he doesn’t always look for the same qualites as we do. Before God called on Gideon, he was nobody. Gideon was the youngest son of his family which belonged to the weakest clan of Israel. But God sees him differently as a “mighty warrior“. And this is not the only occassion that God picks on the weak people to overcome their strong enemies. No matter how ordinary people are, when they are empowered by God, they will be invincible.

Do we, each individual have a calling from God today? I believe the answer is Yes. On this planet, among about 70 billion people, none of them are exactly same. God makes you unique because he has a job for you that no one else among those 70 billion people can do better than you. Do you believe that? Yes I do. I believe that no matter how tiny we think ourselves are, God doesn’t think so. He wants us to receive his calling on us and make fully use of what he has given us.


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